Jessica Hemmings: Yvonne Vera: The Voice of Cloth


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Book Yvonne Vera: The Voice of Cloth


The Voice of Cloth explores the presence and purpose of cloth as metaphor, structure, and object in the fiction of late Zimbabwean author Yvonne Vera. Throughout this research, the production and consumption of cloth are understood to represent domestic graphologies, a term coined by Vera in her own Ph.D. work which refers to communication that goes unnoticed by conventional discourse because of the domestic, and therefore seemingly inconsequential, materials appropriated to convey information. Here an often overlooked element of narrative and life – the textile – is shown to play a central role in the articulation of the often silenced experiences of incest, infanticide, abortion, and rape that make up the narratives of Nehanda (1993), Without a Name (1994), Under the Tongue (1996), Butterfly Burning (1998) and The Stone Virgins (2002).


Scientific paper, 255 pages, softcover

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ISBN 978-3-9810798-5-2